Zaiqa is truly honored and pleased to offer the most authentic and delicious tastes of Indian cuisines to diners throughout Qatar. When you are searching for the best Indian Restaurant in the area, stop by Zaiqa. They are a newer establishment making waves with their delicious food and catering. They boast a number of tables … [Read more…]


A Memory of Boundaries – Gaza 2014


A Memory of Boundaries is a documentary of Gaza war 2014. The story is narrated by some residents live in villages which are located at the borders with Israel. These stories depict how civilians have been dragged into this savage war. It includes a heart ripping story of a mother who lost her kids and a story of an old … [Read more…]


Ramadan Kareem’s Family


Ramadan Kareem’s Family is an Egyptian animation created by Mohammed Dandarawy to be broadcasted in Ramadan 1437. The show focuses on a family consisting of parents Ramadan and Rahmah; their children Syam, Konafa, Atayef, and Qamer Adeen; and their Grandfather Sohor in a traditional Egyptian neighborhood. While a number of famous actors take part in … [Read more…]


Barwa Bank


Red Dot Films had a wonderful cooperation with Innovation Films to produce a 1 minute promotion of Barwa Bank in Ramadan 1437. The idea was to promote their campaign #MyRamadanMoment by showing some Islamic attitudes which have been known in the Qatari culture.




SYNOPSIS In the tradition of science fiction materials such as “Fahrenheit 451” or “Brave New World”, a story of a man, in “Phoenix”, realizes the truth of the system he lives after a coincidence happened to him with a young girl. TEAM DIRECTOR-SCRIPT PRODUCTION – Florian Frerichs PRODUCTION – Warnuts Entertainment, Red Dot Films, G-on Film Production … [Read more…]




  SYNOPSIS A mysterious asteroid crashes into the Pacific Ocean, causing all the adults on Earth to degenerate and lose all human values. A young girl, Sweetheart, fights for the survival of herself and her infant brother in this brutal new world, where her own parents are no longer who they appear to be, and … [Read more…]




Khalfan Ibrahim Khalfan is a Qatari footballer who plays as a Winger for Al Sadd and Qatar national team. He moved to Al Sadd in 2004 on a professional contract. He also was named the Asian Player of the Year in 2006, becoming the first Qatari to win the title. Red Dot Films is wondering … [Read more…]


Jeem TV

RED DOT FILMS SHOWREEL 2014 (HD).mp4_snapshot_02.44_[2014.09.19_03.44.55]

Red Dot Films (RDF) has improved its relationship with Aljazeera Children Channel (JCC) and has joined its mission to convert it to Jeem TV. In view of that, JCC had an agreement with RDF to manage its Promotion Section in the Creative Department from making concepts to broadcast them on air. This cooperation between both … [Read more…]


My Dream Career


Red Dot Films has modeled special characters that represent Childhood Cultural Center spirit and identity. These characters have provided film materials that has been used to serve the center to promote its awareness materials for the community. The idea was to make messages more understandable and close to all the targeted ages. All characters modeled by … [Read more…]



AL SAMAHAH_ EPISODE 03-HD.mp4_snapshot_00.25_[2016.07.17_05.27.42]

Red Dot Films, Al Rayan TV and Dr. Ahmed Alhamadi cooperated to produce Al SAMAHA, a documentary of 13 episodes presents different aspects about Islam and Muslims in Italy. Additionally, it shows some statistical analysis about Muslims and their ability to maintain their believes inside the European community. The Director Shadab Khan came up with an idea of adding … [Read more…]